What's Going On?

dilhowell posted Aug 3, 16

If you haven't heard why the server has been shut down, please read the latest post from WeirdPenguin:

In the mean time, quirkyclerk made a temporary server for all of Serenity's players to hang out. The IP is

Please share this with your friends to get the word out!

You can also follow the server's social media to stay updated:

Twitter: @Serenity_MC2016

Instagram: serenitysurvival

- dil :)

Build Contest

waqe aOwner posted Jun 4, 16

Building Contest

Start 6/10 signup until 6/20

Medium sized builds in creative of a Medieval nature.

Winner gets builder rank, 10 diamonds and 5,000 claim blocks.

Contest ends on 7/10 be sure and claim your builds once contest starts.

If you have any questions, or to sign up, reply to this message or send a message to Liquid197, SubliminalChaos or waqe on the server.

- Chaos

waqe aOwner What he said. Seriously, thank you Liquid for all your contributions to the server and all of the help you give me .. a...
Liquid197 aBuilder Plot size is 30x30, you are welcome to start planning your build in a singleplayer world, but the month given should be ...


waqe aOwner posted May 25, 16

Finally, MC Pro Hosting has everything back running smoothly.  Although the server has been back up, they had been working on my console access, and now have it back to normal.

Today was a good day, and welcome to the new users:  DBG, Marine, Ripco and Wet_Wet.


- waqe


waqe aOwner posted May 23, 16

The server went down at about 2:30 this afternoon due to a "Failure to Bind Port" error on the hosting service's end.  I have opened a ticket and am waiting impatiently for the to get around to fixing it.  grr...

- waqe

Serenity at enjin..

waqe aOwner posted May 23, 16


I am hoping that quirkyclerk will take this website over for me!  It is not really my thing, but nonetheless we need a place to speak if the server has issues.  Also it is a good way to be in communication with each other and a place to describe how some of the more involved plugins work.  Hopefully, quirkyclerk and I can get all that done.

- waqe

waqe aOwner Thank you quirky - we have such a good user base, I could not be happier with the server and my staff. - waqe
quirkyclerk ModeratorAdmin I've been away for a bit, and work has been absolutely nuts. But I'm hoping to be on here as much as possible...
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autobot200and its down again this morning
autobot200is the server down? cannot connect my self.
also the pvp arena no longer has pvp properly enabled only bows work when not in water
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